Paul Daniels Magic Show S01E05

Choreography BRIAN ROGERS  |  Music RONNIE HAZLEHURST  |  Magic Associate ALI BONGO  |  Script associate GEORGE MARTIN  |  Sound KEITH GUNN  |  Lighting ALAN HORNE  |  Designer COLIN LOWREY  |  Directed by PAUL CIANI  |  Produced by JOHN FISHER

Season 01 Episode 05 – Christmas Special

Saturday 22nd December 1979

Join Paul Daniels for a special edition of the programme in which television’s top comedy magic star entertains in his own unusual form, and introduces the remarkable skills of his guests, including from Great Britain: the incredible illusions of Jeffery Atkins Germany: the sensational knife-throwing of Duo Brumbach India: the hand shadows of Bablu Mallick China: the diabolo dexterity of Wong Mow Ting with the PAUL DANIELS MAGIC SET

Paul – Four Ace Production
Paul – Magic Kettle
Wong Mow Ting – Diabolo Routine
Paul – Bunko Booth – Jumbo Card Chase the Ace
The Paul Daniels Magic Set – Shadow Dancing Routine
Bablu Mallick – Shadowography
Paul – Egyption Necklace Trick
Jeffery Atkins – Leviation
Paul – Substitution Trunk
Duo Brumbach – Knife Throwing
Paul – Linking (finger) Rings