Paul Daniels Magic Show S01E02

Choreography BRIAN ROGERS  |  Music RONNIE HAZLEHURST  |  Magic Associate ALI BONGO  |  Script associate GEORGE MARTIN  |  Sound KEITH GUNN  |  Lighting ALAN HORNE  |  Designer COLIN LOWREY  |  Directed by PAUL CIANI  |  Produced by JOHN FISHER

Season 01 Episode 02

Saturday 16th June 1979 (Repeated on BBC 2, 27th February 1980)

Join Paul Daniels for the second of four special programmes in which television’s top comedy magic star entertains in his own unusual fashion and introduces the remarkable skills of his guests: comedy mime George Carl and illusionists The Morettis. also features The Paul Daniels Magic Set

Paul – Rising Matchbox
Paul – Eggbag
The Paul Daniels Magic Set – Razzle Dazzle Dance Routine
Paul – Bunko Booth – Gold Chain
George Carl – Comedy Mime
The Morettis – Swords in Cardboard Box Routine
Paul – Tape Recorder Card Prediction