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Remastering classic magic books

Classic books on magic and conjuring are windows into the past, offering insights into a different eras. By remastering these works, we help preserve this artistic heritage, making it available for future generations to explore and enjoy. Many literary masterpieces on the art of magic have been forgotten over time. Our work involves uncovering these hidden gems and presenting them to a new audience. Each book we restore has its own story to tell, and one of our core objectives is to make these restored works affordable. Instead of hunting for long out-of-print rare books, we’re creating a library of accessible and reasonably priced editions.

We use advanced software to clean and repair the scanned covers and illustrations and this involves removing any marks, stains, or damages that have occurred over time. Each page is painstakingly re-typeset using trying to remain authentic to the original while preparing it for a new audience. This not only ensures clarity and readability but also allows us to update the formatting to meet modern standards. We retain the original structure and style, making careful adjustments to enhance the reading experience without altering the essence of the work.